7 Money Saving Tips
for the Supermarket

Money Saving Tips

1. Plan your menus and what food you need for the week. This way you will know exactly what you need for your meals, snacks etc. Based on this information you can make a shopping list.

2. Assess the situation in your cupboards – check what you have in stock and what you actually need to buy. There is no need to buy things that you already have at home.

3. Check your list. After checking what you have and making sure you really need everything on the list, look for expensive items which could be replaced (such as ready made foods). See if there are places to cut back for example on treats.

4. Choose your supermarket carefully – going to a larger supermarket rather than a local small one can save you between 10 and 20% off many items. There is a lot of variation between supermarkets, so try to find the one which works out cheapest for the products you regularly buy.

5. Stick to the list; unless you have forgotten something crucial (like milk) do not buy something which is not on your list.

6. Don’t shop with your kids! Shoppers with kids spend more. Supermarkets work very hard to tempt children, and even the best behaved child will find it hard to deal with the selection of treats on offer by the checkout counter. I imagine most parents would agree with this tip!

7. Don't go shopping when you are hungry – you are much more likely to give into temptation and buy things which are not on your list.

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