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    Communication in Israel

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    Did you know?

    * You can now move provider with out changing your phone number!

    * Until a number of years ago Bezeq had a monopoly in the tele- communication market in Israel. The situation has now changed, and the market has been opened up for competition. Gone are the days of waiting weeks to get your phone hooked up, and paying astronomical fees to call abroad, now you can shop around to find yourself a good deal.

    Our Tips

    Personal Finance Tips, Save Money at the Supermarket 1. Call your provider at least once a year to see if there is a better deal. This applies to your phone, mobile phones and internet deals.

    2. For a standard Bezeq line you pay a set fee which does not include calls. Other companies offer a monthly fee including free calls ranging from 500-2000 minutes. Shop around to find the best deal suited to your phone use.

    3. Skype - this is a free or cheap way to talk to friends. There are other internet options such as jaja that are also worth looking into.

    4. Cell phones are more expensive than land lines –so don't use them to chat. Try to restrict cell phone use to emergencies, or when you need to make calls and are out and about.

    5. If you have a bezek line, which you don't want to move to another provider but which you rarely use (for example a fax line) Bezeq can offer you a line with a cheaper monthly fee. Calls will be more expensive, but it may work out cheaper overall.

    6. Some providers have cheaper calls after 7 pm. Whilst many calls have to made during the day, some (particularly long phone calls to friends) can wait until it is cheaper.

    7. If you don't mind talking on an internet line (using a regular phone) several companies including 012 smile and xphone offer competitively priced calls.

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