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Over the last number of years I have had the privilege to guide many clients, among them new and veteran Olim, with their personal finances in Israel. Some wanted me to assist them with basic financial planning, teach them how to make and live within a household budget, manage their money effectively or save money on their expenses. Others needed help to get out of debt, guidance with how to start investing in the Tel Aviv stock market, or help navigating the unfamiliarity of the Israeli economy. Its has truly helped so many but, don't take my word for it… is what they have to say:
**Names appear with the consent of the author.


quote-begin Over the past two months, I have worked with Rifka Lebowitz in two capacities, as she has provided extremely helpful financial planning advice for both my household and my business. Ms. Lebowitz approaches her work with high levels of professionalism, her rates are reasonable, and I have found her insights to be of great value. Ms. Lebowitz's perspectives on long-term financial goals - and her advice on how to use practical logic and (financial) formulas to keep goals in mind when facing decisions - have been especially useful to me.
Ben Jacobson, February 2011

Boker Tov Rivka, I want to thank you for your excellent Presentation on Banking at The AACI, Monday night January 25, 2010 as part of my Navigational Series. Through your clear, precise and incredible knowledge you were able to unravel the mysteries of the (Israeli) Banking System much to the delight of your attentive audience! I have received emails praising your lecture and you Thanks again Rivka,
Sheila Bauman Klitah Counselor, AACI


quote-begin Rifka Lebowitz has helped me organize my personal finances in a friendly, professional manner. I feel completely secure that my financial information is confidential. My financial situation is complex as my husband is working outside of Israel, and I am assisting adult children as well as dependants at home. She has dealt with all of these factors, reassuring me, guiding me and teaching me the skills I need to manage my finances. She has gone above and beyond- encouraging me to produce income as well as think of creative ways to save that do not threaten my lifestyle. I am much calmer about my finances now that I am more in control- thank you Rifka! Anonymous, Modiin quote-end


I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Rifka Lebowitz for sharing with me her financial knowledge through her 2009-2010 Financially Savvy Womens lecture series. Her classes were informative, interesting and practical. The lectures covered a wide range of topics and the selection of topics was appropriate to people on different financial levels - everyone could gain something.

Each lecture was well-organized and the information was conveyed with clarity of thought and language. Rifka always succeeded in demonstarting how the information taught could be applied in a practical way in one's day-to-day living situation, whether learning how to budget one's finances, organizing one's bills, learning to understand financial terminology in the financial world around us or becoming aware of the different savings one can have using the appropriate telephone/ mobile services. I especially benefitted from learning about the Israeli banking system, tips about how to live within one's budget and the psychology of money. In addition, I especially enjoyed Rifka's summary of the 101 tips for saving money!

Rifka presents her material with a pleasant and professional manner -- critical ingredients to a successful lecture series. She exudes enthusiasm regarding her subject matter. This in turn motivates the listener to want to learn more as well as to ask questions and/or share a personal financial anecdote.

Most importantly to me is that Rifka was able to open me up to the possibility that I could actually aspire to being "financially savvy," something I could never have visualized in the past as well as taking away my fear every time I would think about getting a handle on my finances. What a relief to know I can let finally let go of all that stress and move forward with optimism.

With gratitude, Nicole B. Jerusalem

quote-begin If you want to get your household finances in order I'd like to recommend using Rifka Lebowitz, (was from Bank Pagi), she offers a variety of financial services. Getting our finances and budgeting in order was an eye opener, money saver and we find our financial plans and budget and knowledge to be very useful.
V.E. Bet Shemesh


….our sessions have been well worth my time and money, Rifka made my financial goals a reality. When I met her I knew nothing about basic financial planning. Rifka you are the Israeli Suzy Orman.
H.D. Jerusalem .


Rifka Lebowtiz has been assisting and advising me on my specific financial needs for over a year now. She has been an excellent guide and adviser. At the first meeting she made it her job to find out what OUR SPECIFIC needs were. She has given us such piece of mind. She is very thorough, totally trustworthy, and does exactly what YOU need her to do, and when you need her to do it! Seeing her won't make money issues worse, rather far better it's been well worth our money! She has a wonderful friendly, down to earth and yet professional manner. I highly recommend her services.
J.Gerzi, Ramat Bet Shemesh


quote-begin Rifka Lebowitz is amazing! She sat down with us, helped us plan a budget and followed our progress. Her approach to finances is understanding of our personal needs and desires. Rifka really cares. quote-end


What's it like to discuss your finances in every single conversation with your spouse?
What's it like to use one card to pay off another, never knowing how to make them all stay away for a while?
What's it like to know something is wrong with your financial picture, but not knowing what or whose fault it is?
What's it like to have no savings or emergency fund, hoping for the best from month to month?
What's it like to spend money on unnecessary items, just to alleviate the financial anxiety that seems unpreventable?
What's it like to be too embarrassed to seek out help for something every adult is supposed to know, but you don't?
I'm so glad I overcame my embarrassment and requested help from financial consultant Rifka Lebowitz. She has guarded my privacy completely. After a few meetings she prepared a simple to follow financial plan, explaining to me where my problem areas were and giving me lots of gentle, uncritical, truly helpful tips for bringing my spending under control. She didn't judge me, and she's encouraged me at every turn. She has praised me for my successes and reassured me that change does not come all at once.
Now I know that I want the respect of my spouse more than I want another pair of shoes.
I want the calm and confidence that having a financial safety net brings me more than I want to wander in a mall. I want to plan for holidays and special simchas so that I feel enjoyment, rather than anxiety.
I've learned to alleviate my guilt feelings about spending, and allow myself to feel entitled to what is in my budget. It's been a challenge to change, and more like a fun game than a punishment to bring things under control. That's due, I am sure, to Rifka's reassuring manner, pleasant approach and encouraging guidance.
I now have tools that I feel confident using and an ongoing relationship with a wonderful adviser who truly goes above and beyond the call of duty in her work.
mother of five, age 53 made aliyah 1994

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