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Plan...for a better financial future

Your small business financial consultant and personal finance consultant in Israel

Hi, I'm Rifka Lebowitz and I'm a personal and small business financial consultant What that means in plain language is that I help people live financially smarter, and mamage their business finances smarter. Not as a motto but as an important component for a life where you can get on with what is important to you rather than be focused on money.

Here for you....Sometimes you just need someone to explain how the Israeli financial system works, or how much you'll need to save for future events, like Bar/Bat Mitzva, buying a home or making a wedding, and how to keep within the budget.

It's about taking the steps asking the right financial questions and having a plan. I work with you guiding you to take these steps in the right direction, because I know when you shift the direction even slightly the destination can be different. Its a challenge, and that is where my knowledge and expertise comes in.

I have advised hundreds of people with their finances, as an Israeli licensed portfolio manager at Yashir Investment house,(license on hold as of 2012) while running the investment and foreign currency desk at the Fibi bank (Pagi branch, Ramat Bet Shemesh) and for the past few years as a personal finance consultant working with countless people and small businesses one on one.

I'm a member of the Union of Israeli Home Economy Advisers, I was a ISA Licensed Investment Manager (on hold) and hold a degree in Business.

You can find me lecturing on personal finance topics including the popular "Banking In Israel" lecture series at Nefesh B'Nefesh, AACI, Emunah and other organizations all over Israel. I consult with clients on site, on Skype or by phone in Israel or abroad.

Why wait? Get started on you path to financial clarity today.

Rifka Lebowitz