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FSW workshops will give you a place where you can get support or ideas, and take the Savvy path to being financially stable. Participants are encouraged to share with the group positive changes that information from the "Financially Savvy" meetings has generated in their financial lives.Contact me for more details

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No doubt you have heard of book clubs, maybe game clubs, scrapbook clubs…..but have you heard of a money club? Traditionally, these were groups set up for members to deal with financial problems in a friendly supportive setting. In the current financial climate more people find themselves wanting to understand their finances and become more financially savvy.

Many people have limited knowledge about financial matters; which is where FSW "Financially Savvy Women" comes in. These groups are being formed to enable women to become more financially savvy. We provide an informal educational group for women, who want to learn, ask and share information and ideas about a range of financial topics. These groups are geared to women from any financial background.

Each meeting we cover a different aspect of finances –there will be a talk by a professional followed by an opportunity to ask questions in a friendly, supportive setting. Topics that will be covered include (but are not limited to) banking in Israel, kids and money, saving schemes, tips for saving money on your bills, pensions, financial planning, living on an Israeli budget, budgeting, the financial crisis and much more.

Who:Any woman or who are curious to learn more and want to become financially savvy in Israel.

When: We have morning or evening groups. The groups meet biweekly.

Where: Currently in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh

To join or set up a group near you please contact me.

Learn more about the Financial Savvy Womens group - See the Haaretz English Artilce.